A Universal Passion

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A Universal Passion: Music and Dance from many Cultures

Twenty musicians and dancers from cultures spanning four continents talk about their lives and art. Each conversation – recorded, transcribed and sympathetically reworked – is accompanied by a colour photograph of the artist performing. Together, photograph and ‘story’ create an intimate portrait of artists ranging from a Sierra Leonean percussionist to a Portuguese fado singer.

A Universal Passion shows how these international musicians and dancers – all now based in Bristol and the south-west of England – share their art through performance and teaching. Music is a ‘language’ by which musicians, dancers and audiences from radically different backgrounds come together and communicate. New traditions bring vitality to, influence and merge with existing ones in a wave of vibrancy, exuberance and joie de vivre.

Publisher: Redcliffe Press (2008)
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Monica Connell A Universal Passion  Monica Connell A Universal Passion  Monica Connell A Universal Passion  Monica Connell A Universal Passion


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'Not many people talk about African dancers ... in the dance world we are like second class citizens, so when someone like you comes along with this beautiful idea, I take my hat off  to you. Thank you.'

Louis Roger Eboa, dancer, Cameroon July 31, 2008

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